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Aegabe Source of Youth,Helps speed up cell metabolism and anti-aging

Aegabe Source of Youth,Helps speed up cell metabolism and anti-aging

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Aegabe Source of Youth manufactures its products using proprietary medical-grade ingredients and purification technologies. Aegabe Source of Youth is unlike most similar products in that this ingredient supports both anti-aging and disease prevention.
Aegabe  Source of Youth supplements NAD+ in the body, repairs DNA, accelerates the metabolism of detailed muscles, and achieves the effect of reversing aging and preventing diseases. Aegabe Source of Youth can restore the anti-aging body in the body to its youthful state, and enhance the body's vitality and immunity. Fast and long-lasting changes in physical condition
No data users have proved that Aegabe Source of Youth service is quick and effective, and the effect is clear. It will activate and repair details in a short period of time, increase detailed muscle performance, promote cell metabolism and cell health, so as to activate your body, restore youth, increase NAD+ levels, and delay aging.
Aegabe Source of Youth is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the United States. Vegetable pastes should be used, gluten-free, non-GMO, no added colors, no artificial flavors and no adhesives. After a comprehensive safety inspection, it has been certified by the US FDA and the California Health Department.


Repair DNA ▪ Improve sleep ▪ Enhance immunity ▪ Strengthen cardiovascular ▪ Prevent Alzheimer's disease ▪ Improve sub-health ▪ Improve senile symptoms ▪ Enhance spirit ▪ Delay menopause ▪ Protect eyes ▪ Improve depression ▪ Normalize menstruation ▪ Accelerate cell metabolism ▪ Tolerate glycation ▪ Strengthen liver and kidney functions ▪ Improve symptoms of three highs ▪ Relieve fatigue

What are the effects of Source of Youth?

1. Anti-ageing repair and return to youth Modern scientific research has proved that the root cause of human aging lies in the damage of DNA in cells. Although the DNA itself has the ability to self-repair damage, with age, improper diet, environmental pollution, excessive stress, lack of sleep and other reasons, the speed of DNA damage will exceed the speed of repair, and cells will accumulate damage over time and eventually Lead to cell death, so that the human body appears old state. Source of Youth can supplement the additive NAD+ that human cells decrease with age, promote the activation of longevity genes, improve the self-repair ability and speed of DNA, delay the aging and aging of body organs, and thus have the effect of anti-aging and prolonging life.
2. Enhance immunity and prevent epidemic viruses Immunity is the ability of the human body to persist in resisting diseases and maintaining the physiological balance of the human body based on immune organs and immunoglobulins. In layman's terms, immunity is the body's own ability to resist the invasion of bacteria, viruses and other diseases. It is the best doctor for the human body and is related to our health and life information.  Source of Youth can improve the vitality of fine muscles, enhance the body's ability, stimulate the body's immunity, reduce the damage caused by inflammatory storms, and provide the body with a strong defense against the invasion of viruses and bacteria.
3. Adjust the biological clock to change sleep NAD+ and the biological clock affect each other. On the one hand, the metabolism of NAD+ is regulated by the biological clock; on the other hand, NAD+ also reacts to SIRTI in the metabolic process and has an impact on the biological clock. Therefore, controlling the NAD+ water balance by supplementing Source of Youth is enough to effectively regulate the biological clock of people with sleep disorders and restore their normal circadian rhythm.
4. Beauty and maintenance skin radiance and fresh muscle Research has found that the use of Source of Youth can improve the skin's natural moisturizing factor and increase the water content of the skin. Elastase activity prevents accumulation of melanin and loss of skin elasticity. Remove active oxygen from the skin and resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Leaves skin radiant and youthful from the inside out.
5. Promoting metabolism and replenishing energy Mitochondria convert food and oxygen into energy component ATP through inhalation, which is used by the human body, and NAD+ directly participates in the production process of ATP. Supplementing the ability of Source of Youth is enough to promote energy metabolism and improve mental deficiency and other problems.
6. Strengthen cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions NAD+ energy sufficient SIRT1 protein, reduce the aging of vascular endothelial cells, transmit growth stimulating signals, plan to generate new capillaries, provide oxygen and nutrients for tissues and organs, thereby improving the orientation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems disease.
7. Prevention of functional diseases With the growth of age and the decline of body functions, coupled with the increase in the number of dead cells in various organs, various diseases will appear in the human body. Source of Youth can enhance human metabolism, fully restore and change human body function, cognitive function and activity level, and reduce the risk of diabetes, exercise sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and three advanced diseases.
Ingredients and Serving
Raw materials: β-nicotine mononucleic acid, resveratrol, lipotrophic acid, vitamin B12

Content: Each bottle of Aegabe Source of Youth contains 30 stable vegetable capsules, each 500MG, each bottle contains high-purity β-nicotine mononucleic acid4500MG, resveratrol 4500MG
Dosage: Take it before and after meals, take one tablet per day
Due to the difference in personal physical fitness and absorption degree, it is recommended to take it in the morning in the first week, and pay attention to observe the body reaction. If the body reaction is not obvious, change to take it in the afternoon or evening from the second week onwards. You can choose to have the best effect on the body. Best time to take it. For long-term users, any time when the body reaction is not obvious after a week of continuous use is observed, the payment time needs to be changed. One to two weeks off every three months

The initial bodily response

Due to the inconsistency in personal physical fitness and absorption degree, although everyone's body reaction at the beginning of taking it is not the same, usually after taking it for about a week, the body will have the following positive reactions:
1. Significantly improved sleep quality and improved insomnia
2. Increased food intake and increased appetite
3. More energy and increased stamina
4. Neurasthenia, gout, presbyopia, arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases have been significantly improved or even disappeared
5. The skin is loose, and the skin relaxation is clear. Many people's round faces become round, the skin begins to become tense, the nasolabial folds fade, and the complexion shines
6. Immunity has been greatly improved, smoking has improved, and resistance has been significantly improved
7. Hair and nails grow significantly faster
8. Sexual performance is enhanced, physical function improves performance

Product features: quick effect, long-lasting effect
Packing: 30 capsules per bottle
Expiry date: marked on the bottle
Adverse reactions: no adverse reactions
Side effects: no side effects
Precautions: Do not take if pregnant or hoarding breast milk, and those under 20 years old. Cap tightly and keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing. Take it 1 hour apart from its medicine
Origin: America
Manufacturer: Aegabe Biotech Company
Sales certification: has obtained the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sales certification
Export certification: has obtained the export certification of the California Health Bureau


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