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Aegabe Miracle Fucoidan,helps to maintain the level of white blood cells, the weak body is significantly improved,the recovery from physical illness is accelerated, the fatigue is reduced, the appetite is significantly increased

Aegabe Miracle Fucoidan,helps to maintain the level of white blood cells, the weak body is significantly improved,the recovery from physical illness is accelerated, the fatigue is reduced, the appetite is significantly increased

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Fucoidan, also known as fucoxanthin, fucoidan, and fucoidan, is a sulfurized polysaccharide commonly found in many plants of the Phaeaceae and seaweeds (such as fucus, kelp, wakame, hijiki, etc. ), different forms of fucoidan are also found in animals such as sea cucumbers. Fucoidan is a water-soluble polysaccharide whose structure is dominated by fucose, including glucose, galactose, xylose, mannose, and glucuronic acid.
Fucoidan is a unique slimy component of natural brown seaweed, which protects brown algae from viruses and ultraviolet rays in water. In the past thirty years, the potential effects of fucoidan have been continuously discovered, and now it has been widely used in dietary supplements and medical treatment.
The research on fucoidan was first proposed by Springer et al. in 1957, and it was not widely studied until the 1980s.  Successive research papers have proved that fucoidan can inhibit the metastasis and growth of cancer cells, as well as enhance the function of immune cells. More than 1,100 papers on fucoidan have been published. Among them, the effect of inducing apoptosis of cancer cells is relatively unique and not found in traditional health foods. Therefore, fucoidan has recently become more and more popular in the world as a nutritional supplement. s concern.
Fucoidan has preclinical research on anti-oxidation, cognitive protection, anti-inflammation, anti-angiogenesis (a new strategy against cancer), anti-cancer, anti-virus, and inhibition of blood sugar rise.
The efficacy of fucoidan

Fucoidan for Cancer

1. Reduce cancer cell activity, cause cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

2. Reduce cancer cell metastasis and inhibit angiogenesis

3. Improve immunity and increase the clearance rate of cancer cells

4. Enhance the activity of chemotherapeutic drugs and have an auxiliary effect on traditional tumor treatment

5. Reduce side effects of cancer chemotherapy

Antitumor effect

The experiment pointed out that in the two groups of experimental mice using fucoidan and the control group, it can be seen that the size and weight of tumor cells in the mice using fucoidan were significantly inhibited.
In addition, experiments also found that fucoidan can affect the survival rate of abnormal cells (MOLT-4 cells, acute leukemia lymphoblastoid cell lines, Molt-4 gene comes from the study of genetic characteristics), but it does not affect the survival rate of normal lymphocytes. Survival rate, and in the mice injected with tumor cells, the proliferation of sarcoma cells was significantly inhibited in the group fed fucoidan. (Eighth International Conference on Immunology, Twelfth International Conference on Immunology)

induce abnormal apoptosis

The anti-tumor function of fucoidan may come from its ability to induce abnormal cell apoptosis. According to research, fucoidan can induce abnormal cell apoptosis without damaging normal cells.
According to the research, the experiment was the same as the above experiment. The mice were divided into two groups and put into fucoidan and normal feed respectively, and the tumor cells (S180) were injected subcutaneously in the mice. It was found that the tumors in the group added with fucoidan The weight was about half less than that of the normal group. In addition, they also measured the activity of NK cells in white blood cells in the spleen of the mice, and found that the NK cells in the group added with fucoidan had nearly twice the activity.

In the human body, NK cells have the function of helping to deal with abnormal cells. In addition, they are also a very important part of the immune system in the body. When NK cells find mutated cancer-causing cells, they will use perforin to drill holes in NK cells and inject a substance called granzyme to induce cell apoptosis (Apoptosis). (The Twelfth International Conference on Immunology)
Other studies indicated that Fucoidan can promote the proliferation of Interleukin 12 (1L-12) and Interferon-γ (1FN-γ). Interleukin 12 is produced by macrophages, which can stimulate T cells or NK cells to increase the attack power against cancer cells, and promote the proliferation of Interferon-γ through T cells or NK cells. Interferon-γ is a lymphokine manufactured in lymphocytes, which is very effective against viruses or cancer cells, and can help activate macrophages and NK cells)
In addition, studies have shown that the concentration of fucoidan is related to the effect, the higher the concentration, the more pronounced the effect.


In addition to inducing abnormal cell apoptosis, studies have also pointed out that fucoidan has the effect of anti-angiogenesis of cancer cells. Experiments have proved that fucoidan can inhibit the formation of vascular endothelial cells in human umbilical cord. It is also pointed out that fucoidan extracted from wakame spore leaves (Mekabu) has the effect of inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels in cancer cells.

Fucoidan regulates immunity

1. Regulate bone marrow stem cells, stimulate innate and specific immunity, activate dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells

2. Enhance phagocytosis of immune cells

3. Increase the number of antibodies to enhance antibodies and increase immunity

4. Suppress allergic reactions

Fucoidan enhances antibodies and enhances immunity

Unhealthy people and the elderly have poor immune responses to vaccination or infection, and clinical studies have shown that fucoidan can help strengthen the immune response to seasonal influenza vaccination.
Efficacy of fucoidan: anti-inflammatory, interfere with the inflammatory response of cancer cells
Fucoidan has the potential to inhibit selectins and reduce systemic inflammation. The selectin blocking mechanism of fucoidan has been widely studied and discussed.
Cancer cells will migrate to other tissue sites through L-selectins and P-selectins, adhere to the vascular endothelium, and induce inflammation. Animal studies have shown that fucoidan can inhibit selectin, interfere with the adhesion of cancer cells to endothelial cells, and reduce the inflammatory response induced by selectin.

Fucoidan and Cardiovascular Health

1. Promote the repair of vascular endothelium and help the regeneration and reconstruction of damaged blood vessels

2. Anticoagulant effect

3. Play an anti-inflammatory effect

4. Reduce cholesterol intake

5. Improve the balance of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis

6. Inhibit blood sugar rise

7. Effectively control weight and improve blood pressure, blood lipid and insulin concentration of obese people

Fucoidan can prevent cardiovascular disease! Effective for high blood pressure and high blood fat
Too high serum total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c), and too low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-c), is the development of cardiovascular disease risk factors.
Experiments have confirmed that fucoidan can improve blood lipids, reduce cardiovascular damage, and lower blood pressure. It is beneficial to the "three highs" of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia.
Fucoidan improves blood lipids and reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis
Fucoidan can effectively improve blood lipids. Experiments have proved that using fucoidan in mice with hyperlipidemia can reduce serum total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), LDL-c, and can increase HDL-c .
The experiment also observed the thickness of the vascular intima-media in atherosclerotic mice, and found that the thickness of the vascular intima-media in the atherosclerotic mice treated with fucoidan was significantly reduced, and the effect was almost the same as that of reducing blood pressure. Cholesterol medications are consistent.


1. The biological activity of fucoidan extract depends largely on the fucoidan extraction method. This product uses the latest extraction and purification technology to retain the original activity and structure of brown algae, exert its activity and efficacy, and ensure the quality of the finished product and pure.
2. The purity and content of fucoidan are the most important key to the effect of the product. The purity of fucoidan in this product is 85%. Each bottle contains 37800m of fucoidan, 1200mg of Agaricus blazei extract, and 4200mg of shiitake mushroom extract.
3. Medical-grade formula, ultra-high bioavailability, combined with ingredients such as Agaricus blazei and shiitake mushrooms that have anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and immune-enhancing effects, maximize the synergy and improve the overall efficacy of the product. In a short period of time, the physical condition can be significantly improved. ​

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 630mg of high-purity fucoidan extract, 20mg of Agaricus blazei extract, 70mg of shiitake mushroom extract, and 8mg of Bifidobacterium longum (pure vegetable capsules, without any additives except the marked ingredients)

Properties: The content of this product is white flocculent powder

Packing: 60 capsules per bottle

Expiry date: marked on the bottle

Dosage: Take orally, before and after meals, two capsules per day

Adverse reactions: no adverse reactions

Side effects: People who are allergic to plants such as soybeans may also be allergic to fucoidan

Note: Pregnant women and lactating women should not take it. Not to be used by infants and young children. The iodine content of brown algae is usually very high. People who need to limit iodine intake still need to pay attention to avoid excess. Consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other dietary supplement. Cap the bottle tightly and keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing. Take 1 hour apart from other medicines

Origin: America

Manufacturer: Aegabe Biotech Company

Sales certification: has obtained the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sales certification

Export certification: has obtained the export certification of the California Health Bureau






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